We spent Midsummer in Dalarna, the region where I grew up. It's fantastic there in the summer, and I have plenty of photos from the weekend. But, today I'll share something else.. way more cool.

D had been told about an odd place in the woods of Värmland (that's the region south-west of Dalarna, it borders to Norway), an old car cemetery. Apparently after WW2 they wanted to export cars to Norway, but the taxes were so high for cars that they instead took them over in pieces, to put them together once they were over on the Norwegian side. In the 70's or so the activity stopped for some reason... (I was told this from someone at work, so I'm not sure about all the details). And all the cars and parts of them were left in the woods. Now this place is very famous and I've seen international blogs talk about it! It's a fabulous place to visit if you're a photographer and like to photograph odd things... and I certainly do!!!

I started browsing my photos from Venice, to find photos of boats for a photo challenge. I went to Venice on my own last spring, when I started being stressed out and wanted to just rest my brain. I, my camera, and my laptop, went to Venice and then to Milano. I had never been particularly fond of Venice, because it's so "touristy", crowded with Japanese and Americans and if you look not-Italian they treat you like an American and speak English with you although I speak to them in Italian and although their English is worse than my Italian. But most times I've been there, I've only gone to the usual places, the vicoli to arrive to Ponte di Rialto, San Marco, and back to the train station. This time I stayed a couple of days, and had time to visit more than that. A lady from my Italian class had adviced me to go to her favourite area, which is a more "normal" area, and the large shopping street Strada Nova that is just.. normal. Still very Venice-like in architecture, but so much more ordinary Italian. I loved that!!

Now I kind of miss Venice.. it has a nice street life with a lot happening after shops close, good restaurants and all that. And Venice is pretty also at night! I didn't walk around late, since I was alone, but I definitely will if I go back for a few days with my husband.

And what about boat photos? It's quite easy to get some in Venice....

A photo a week challenge

Quiet time for me is going out to take photos. It's the best thing I can do to slow down, enjoy myself, and relax the brain. After a very busy spring and beginning of summer, I'm totally exhausted and if I don't allow myself to slow down for a while, my brain will stop functioning. This is what happens with burnout syndrome (in Swedish we have a much better term for it - exhaustion syndrome. It's now even an official medical diagnosis. ). Last year I hit a wall and quit my job because of it. I've never been diagnosed because I never saw a doctor for it, I just did what I could to "fix" my situation while I could, while I was still functioning.

And now when I've been better, I've put myself there again, this time I only have myself to blame. I was feeling good and had tons of ideas and projects I wanted to do. And now I'm close to meltdown again. But I have a few days of work before my life will slow down again. I'm actually back at my previous job, because I liked it there, I just want to be able to decide for myself how much I'll work, and be able to plan my life, so now I work hourly, as they need me. During the summer I have two or three nights a week planned, so that will be good. The rest of the time I work with websites, proof reading, layout jobs, and developing my own ideas.

But today I went out in the garden with the camera. That's my therapy.

I'm Susanne from Sweden. I'm back to do some photography blogging here. Enjoy your stay, and please say hello if you visit!